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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> we came of age in a recession and then a meltwn and then all of those bailts. we warned you about government intentions that that could go bad and a health care law that could be pricey. through it all, remembering that it was about you, your money, your life and our focus. not red and blue, just green. your green and the folk spending it. and we followed everyone spending those pennies we meant
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it when we said. at nearly six years we have never forgotten that. tonight our commitment continues. as washington prepares to double down on drama, we are doubling down on you. get ready, we are only getting going. ♪ ♪ neil: welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. everything you know about business news is about to change and this entire budget battle, the republicans are mean obstinance.
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you have probably not heard something about nancy pelosi, for example. then it was the hot electorate group that everyone seems to love. spreading the sheets, where we acknowledge that that is one hot car in one hot company. we are going to look into that and part of what we do here is helping you make sense of the world. including my next guest. what i am horrible about the pipeline. you know and i know. william shatner, hitman extraordinaire. mr. william shatner, it's very good to have you.
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>> it is is very good to be with you. it's all about you. [laughter] neil: did you ever envision when you look at the stock and you look at this company that it would be like warren buffett territory? >> i got a lot of stock when i joined the company some 15 from 15 years ago. one of the original things that i was locked up for. in the year and half that i was locked up, it went from pennies to hundreds of dollars but i didn't comprehend and it rose from the ashes. because of this really good thing for people to join in on, and it is now extrrdinary. neil: you have not been able to take advantage of this prize. but you're honestly not a popper. but she really didn't get into
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that kind of thing? >> exactly. if i had kept all the stock that i had, i would buy your show and sponsor it. no, i did not get as rich. but it still is an extraordinary stock. there is no telling where it will go, having the promotion department is excellent as it is. neil: see you obviously are debut guest on this whole new approach to ministry that has triggered quite a few tweets from folks in your coming on. one right that neil and captain kirk are two of my most-watched tv personalities. that alone should complete what has already been for you a stellar career. >> i guess it is completed as you breathe this last and it's on film.
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[laughter] neil: can i ask you, richard branson wanted you to fly a galactic plane, one that the one that goes into the states and that you demerit because hesaid that your fleet afraid of flying. >> no, no. i am a private pilot. i have been taking helicopter lessons. the reality of he said, board and $8,250,000. and i said, he should pay me $250,000. we pretty much left it at tht. neil: so if you play alfred in the new batman versus the joker
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movie, what would you say? >> well, we would certainly try to negotiate that. neil: people always remark about you when they hear that you are 82 years old. this one tweet, people say that they can believe that your 82 years old. that's what you do to take care of yourself? >> i suspended this belief. it is genetic. keep yourself open. find yourself a thousand dollar stock. [laughter] neil: i do want to go on and as a debut guest. he seemed to have a very good business sense with almost any activity that you embolden upon. >> i am helping design a couple of things, a motorcycle, for
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instance. i am involved in a new album coming out in early october called part of the mystery. all kinds of activitythat interests me. and i'm vitally interested in life and horses and my family and loved. it is keeping vital is the secret. neil: here is one of the things that i always find interesting. when you look at where the economy is. and you think about it, you have gone through good enomies and bad economies, lulls in your career, you get it back and you mastered a career. this notion here that are retirement age in this country is too young and a lot of people seem to say that it's 65 and they are just getting going. and even younger you can get social security. any advice to those people? especially now? >> are it just so happens that i'm writing a book that will be out at the end of the year called higher yourself for
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employment. the idea that people over the age of 65 have difficulty getting back into the workforce. they can utilize their own ills. the skills that they spent a lifetime honing. civil and business for yourself. what is retirement mean? you're retiring from the work he spent her lifetime adding your bored with it and now you're going to be free finally at the age of 65 years old? how many people die after they retire out of whatever it is? their body collapses. no, etirement is out of the question for anybody. you may chge jobs, you may do something else. but certainly the word retirement should be retired. neil: environment that your income a lot of people blame republicans and democrats because the two sides can't seem to talk to one another. it does it trouble you?
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>> it burns me from one end of my body to another. i can't understand in this great democracy by we can't negotiate. why can't the to and say, okay, this is a democracy and left it 60% each. that's the way it always was done. neil: william shatner, a pleasure and an honor. we have a lot more coming up. when we come back from everything that you have been told is that republicans are being obstinate and threatening a government shutdown over spending. do what you probably have not been told is that the former speaker of the house as we really don't have a problem on spending. we call it ♪
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so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
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neil: today it is said that we are headed for another train wreck, and possibly a big one. the director has been warning about this problem and now about to explode. >> i thought i that i heard everything, but that is the silliest statement yet. we had just gone through a massive explosion of the deficit. $17 trillion of national debt and we are still spending 24% of gdp. and we have not yet caught one dime from $2.5 trillion of entitlement. we have barely put a pin prick into the defense spending or so-called discretionary spending. we have raised taxes and that is out of the way. now they need to face the monster they have created.
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neil: we have done as much as we can do. when you hear this from a top democratic leader, does that give you any confidence you that you will be able to get this together? >> no, but it tells me why it is so crucial that the republicans take a stand finally. laid on the comet. let the american people know that they have to choose. if the government gets shut down, the national parks are closed. neil: with or without its being paid for the health care law? >> i would say either war or both. the health care, the obama health care entitlement is the single largest regulatory and fiscal disaster enacted in the history of america. neil: so you are on the side of the senator ted cruz? >> absolutely. the thing that i've learned is
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that entitlements once there started never get shutdown order well formed. they cost dramatically more than the original estimates and the time to take a stand and do something now before this gets started. we have the worst of both possible worlds. this is going to be one big pool of mixed ensure payments and capitalism for the providers. it will be a fight in which the providers always demand more and consumerare caught up in a monster bureaucratic system that cannot and will not work. elise the tea party republicans can see that. the least they haven't been part of the consensus for so long that they are willing to recognize that the priority is. >> you also said that we address
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this at the outside of your comments. do you feel that that has been something that we need to focus on? >> yes, in january they made a mistake by extending the tax cuts and some of them were allowed to expire. and now the matter before us to stop obamacare dead in its tracks, do not allow it to begin to distort and control its entirething. neil: heir argument, looking at the numbers, guys, you made a great argument and a credible offer in the house. it is done in the water, dead in the senate. even if you got a vote dussault, the next budget resolution keep th government going through december with a cut in funding for obamacare.
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the president would certainly be protected even risking an override. going nowhere fast with that, what do you say? >> that is the same argument that i've been hearing for decades and that's why none of the entitlements have ever been performed. this is why we are spending $2.5 billion of social security and medicare and all the rest. neil: butif you do that, it downgrades the credit. >> you are only acknowledging the reality. the reality is our credit is no good. the reality is that we have no budget or fiscal policy. it is a doomsday machine that no one is willing to discipline or curtailed. i think that you can cause this white house to back down and at least get a one-year delay, let there be a referendum in the fall of 2014 of whether or not they want this monster called obamacare.
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neil: do you think republicans would suffer to the point for shutdown. this market have happened as a result of the shutdown? >> there needs to be dislocation and to put the fear of god in those politicians down in the beltway. if it takes a few days or even weeks of market turoil of ashington being shut down, except for national security law enforcement and property and health and the other shutdown law, we need to do that because now is the time to draw the line. they will cave and they will allow a one-year delay of obamacare. they delayed have it already. neil: do you think that they would do that with the exchange is starting an ebay? >> i think that republicans need to draw the line and not let their leadership sell them out
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once again like speaker boehner has time and time again. neil: mr. stockman, we shall see. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiencebelow... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care.
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>> i cannot imagine we would rubberstamp a debt increase. >> we shouldn't be raising the debt ceiling, it's irresponsible. >> i think it would be irresponsible for him to be so that legislation. >> this is not about this. house republicans remained confirmed to cutting spending now.
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>> borrowing and spending has failed. we continued on the course, it will be disastrous for our country. >> we should not let extremists dictate the direction of our country. >> it is not only wrong, but it's dangerous. >> that was then, nearly $2 trillion in debt to go. >> we are not going to agree to raise the debt ceiling without doing something about entitlements. >> they start using the debt limit. >> this will continue to negotiate the debt limit. what i will not do isn't have that negotiation at the head of the american people. >> the american people would be devastated.
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>> of your spending more money than you're taking incoming eats and laughs. he won the house is not even in session, it is due back wednesday. no coincidence, albeit in washington, enough about me. that's my guess who is here to agree with me. [laughter] okay, time to clash about all this clashing in washington. so why are these guys at work. >> there needs to be a sense of urgency. the congressional republicans should shut down the government because they can't legislate from a minority. a push for a one-year delay of obamacare and the american public deserves the same rate as big busines they use this to
11:24 pm
create a debt ceiling on the rest of us. neil: so what about the rest of the people? >> they are taking obamacare hostage as democrats are saying in congress. the fundamental of this is scary >> if you've given a lot of pass for a lot of businesses, if you've given a pass with what seems to be two unions that don't have to accept this provision, then we want in as well. give it to the american people. >> but all of this is what congress is dealing with. i'm thinking about real people that are depending on obamacare and people would pre-existing conditions and whose kids don't have health care. neil: what about the real people that are paying for it? >> thepeople that obamacare is meant to serve.
11:25 pm
these people who are benefiting from it. they make it sound like they are a bunchch of mooches whom others are paying for. they are also paying for it. many americans are being pushed off. you can keep your health care coverage, that's not true. this is not ready for prime time. and the american people deserve the exact same voice so they are saying that this is a train wreck a it's not going to work. neil: but don't you think that that risks a financial freefall, with whatever reasons you outlined, we go to a government shutdown, we go to a ratings downgrade, a market selloff.
11:26 pm
then why? >> i'm not arguing that we are playing with fire here. but at the end of the day the legislative history dictates says that congress wants to leverage the white house that the most inopportune time. successful politics means going the right levers at the right time and this is a good time to make your case. the american people versus waiting at the last minute. i think that the president will cave. don't think he will be found obamacare. >> you're talking about successful democracy. >> americans don't want congress to be found obamacare.
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>> most americans know what it means to have insurance companies dictate insurance for them. neil: we will see. thank you guys. you certainly save me a lot of time. a very good argument. in the meantime, you are about eight days away from maybe breaking (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade oice is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
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neil: come october 1, we are about to run out of excuses so you have to still send out guidelines to your employees on that big mess of health care rules whether they are running late or not. it might sound crazy, but kate rogers who broke the story has all the details. we also have an individual that runs a very successful catering company in washington. >> the department of labor is requiring every business with one worker and $500,000 to send out these notices about obamacare. this requires every business regardless of whether you currentloffer health insurance or regardless of whether you fall into the employer mandate of the law.
11:31 pm
neil: what they don't get them to you? >> this has to details what the incentives are. and they have to let them know that they may be eligible for subsidies under the new law. they have said that if they choose not to send out the letters there is no penalty so if i was someone like bush, i would be sending out these letters. neil: but you don't know what to send out? >> nobody has even told me even my health insurance company, no one said i would. neil: but what about fighting this, is he blind any information that he is getting
11:32 pm
now, or will he just say that these exchanges are starting october 1, good luck? >> the department of labor has a form on their site that details about the exchanges unless workers know about it in the subsidies. he can go there and print them out that some business owners say that these advertisements are calling them a walking talking free advertiiement for obamacare. one advertiser says he doe't agree in no way is he going to send out these department of labor forms. one does he providecoverage to as workers? >> he does. he has eight employees. but he took it upon himself to write out his own form. the department of labor says that you can send out their former you can write your own. business owners are taking it in the opposite direction and click obamacare and not notice. neil: what do youthink? ignorance of the law is no cake.
11:33 pm
it is a loss. what do i do until i can tell my workers? >> i don't even know what to say except that it will lead to further questions. people will say that what can i do? did you get the $200 to me? and i go on my wife's covert? no care, no extra benefits. a lot of people take advantage of it and people take advantage of it. it is up 14 or 15%. but because of anymore, we can't afford it soon would you take advantage of the penalty? >> the problem is the penalty. it leads to further penalties. they took everything that's going on in the business to find out if you can afford it. it's so ambiguous.
11:34 pm
neil: even more requirements about small business and what they talk about. >> backing down anytime soon, they definitely confirm that these letters should be going out october 1. like i said, no penalty if you do not. neil: how long would that period last? we're not going to get punished? >> you have decent amount your existing workers by october 1. any new hires within 14 days. that's whether or not you currently offer benefits are not for these workers. >> so you're saying that you're going to give it to them, there's a cool package, a republican package. >> it's not even about what you offer them know what you detailed the online stuff.
11:35 pm
>> anyway, i guess you're going to go to jail. [laughter] neil: thank you guys very much. in the meantime, you think about in the meantime, you think about this.
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. >> let's move on to tesla. stocks have been up 375% this calendar year. >> consumer report saying that it's the bestcar that they ever tested. a lot of people talking about that now. >> tesla is the best performing auto stock this year.
11:38 pm
neil: looking at the numbers, letting you decide for yourself. on this sensation, here is the real score. tesla is undoubtedly a beauty. remind me at this moment, don't fall in love with something that can get you in a fix. >> there a lot of things to consider. without having these california credits, which they were using as a tool, they have an 11,400-dollar loss on every single car. you can't. competition such as nissan @%king the credits and selling them to other countries. i think it will impact teslan the big picture.
11:39 pm
>> is was the coolest that you would like to have? >> obviously the coolest is the bmw i-8. it has dealership network that can upport all of the maintenance, bmw will take the lead. >> not built on bottom lines, i tweet about tesla everyday. selling credits the carmaker said it makes selling cards to
11:40 pm
customers. this is not a company that was a profitable carmaker. the average age of the buyer, $125,000 for average income, so this is what we have for the cars to begin with. >> to go between 60,000 and 100,000. but the tax credit, it's very interesting. only 20%. >> the figures they take your adjusted gross income and find out what your tax bill is. the franchise series is just like what dennis is saying, they are using it as a selling tool. so the average person thinks it's definitely a good deal.
11:41 pm
somewhere in the low two hundreds, when it's cold outside, you are going to get half. >> i wish them well, but the thought that when i treate that way, it's like they're standing up to greedy oilers and carmakers. they are making 10,000 electric cars a year for superrich people. the question is, will this country prove that valuation? i think it's a huge short at some point. neil: here is the one thing that i think. if they can solve that issue and recharge the battery quickly, then they could be something, on
11:42 pm
to something. >> he's a very smart man a good marketer. he is a genius marketer. >> we said that we would do some battery swap out the 90 seconds. >> the battery charging i think that it's something like 70% of all trips. that is not the key thing. the key thing i think it will hurt them is gas is getting cheaper. we fi a way to get back, electric cars are dead for a while. neil: i wouldn't mind it. >> i think it would be a better
11:43 pm
solution. i bouuht a diesel and i love it. 760 miles on a tank. neil: what do you drive? >> was to save the luxury suv. neil: is it a mercedes? >> it is a porsche. gm is bringing in diesel, mazda is bringing diesel. if they bring in or go natural gas, that is something that will put an end to electric. neil: thank you both very much. coming up next, some problems,
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and we rerouted coming up next ♪ [ male announcer ] now, taking care of things at home is just a tap away. ♪ introducing at&t digital life... ♪ ...personalid home security and automation... [ lock clicks ] ...that lets you be cloto home. that's so cool. [ male announcer ] get $100 in instant savings when you order digital life smart security. limited availability in select markets. ♪ ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below...
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to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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neil: here's the point in the show where we show you something to make a point. this is when we rewrap the tape. like this. >> we now have over $9 trillion of debt. debt that we are going to have to pay back. 30,000 dollars for every man and woman and child. that is irresponsible. it is a unpatriotic. >> it is time to return to
11:48 pm
fiscal responsibility and pay-as-you-go budgeting. >> i have been a strong proponent of pay-as-you-go. every dollar that i propose i proposed an additional cut so that it matters. >> senator mccain says that he is proposing a lot of spending, but actually i am cutting more than on spending. so that it will be a net spending cut. the. neil: that was then, we are sitting on 5 trillion more dead now. the former cbo big-league back to make another point now. we rewrap the tape. what the do you think? >> i want to thank you for the time. during the campaign again and again, then candidate barack obama would say that i want to spend this money here, i'm in the paper they there, and never added up.
11:49 pm
it was very hard to point out that his record and support the kinds of things that he was saying and now you cross it and we got exactly what we expected. a lot of spending, no cuts, more in det. neil: not have the former house speaker saying that we don't have those, we've exhausted this. so this goes on. >> yes, it does. if you go back to the campaign and then candidate obama vociferously opposes anything called an individual mandate for health insurance. look at 2013. in area after area, we have seen that there is one set of promises to get elected and another set of things are going once your president. neil: so when we have an environment where we know that spending cuts -- certainly among democrats, fighting tooth and now t defund obamacare to any budget resolution. i could see a train wreck here.
11:50 pm
>> i'm very worried about a train wreck. we have seen zero appetite for spending cuts on the democrats. we have the only funding bill in congress with the defund obamacare and one hopes that we don't get to shutdown because it's bad policy but the republicans will pay politically. but we need more serous collaborations over the bigger spending problem which is entitlement. medicare, medicaid,. >> but you don't bu david stockman and what he said, that you do have to stand your ground with this and you do have to risk a shutdown and you do have to risk mainstream media heat to stay underground. you do say that that would be standing on quicksand? >> i say he's right about the policy. it's a terrible policy, but he's wrong about the strategy.
11:51 pm
the. neil: what should they do? >> to get rid of the funding for obamacare you need votes are and what you should be doing is putting democts in the senate for up or down votes and a strategy to do that. that is a more viable strategy. it takes longer and may not have the same sex appeal as this. do you really get serious about this. neil: douglas, thank you so much. you were wondering about a lot of this stuff. apple and microsoft are back at it. who do you think howdy partner. you're not linda. i'm filling in for officer owens. she used double miles from her capital one venture card to take an early vacation. buckle up. let's go do cop stuff. [ siren chirps ] license and venture card, ma'am. was i going too fast? oh, you'd be going twice as fast
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that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. neil: finally tonight, we look at the stocks that you should add or drop in the story is moving them. get your pen and paper out or
11:54 pm
get your broker on the line. first up, a massive sales blitz for the new apple iphone. microsoft still trying to play catch-up with the ipad, unveiling a new set of tablets that is not that much different from some of the old surface tablets. the surface too starts at $449. so gary, what do you do? >> i think it's like watching paint dry. it's really not a growth company anymore. there was a very big number, but there is a big issue. apple announced sales for the quarter, only about 2.5% year-over-year. it used to be a big leading stock and i don't think that it is anymore. >> i think the big thing to consider is that apple is very
11:55 pm
strong here in the u.s. and its edging next to samsung. but it's really what you need to consider. samsung really has a dominant share over apple. the big problem for apple is that it has the price. it is a premium smart phone and where we are seeing growth is in latin america and southeast asia. prices are very important. >> it is $100 here in the u.s., that is why we are seeing this sales spike. if you don't have this if you are trying to buy the same phone in china. not a competitive product even with this price. >> years ago, all the crowd is sayingne thing and they are saying that apple is cool, microsoft is not. you know, they have this leave
11:56 pm
the attitude. but they have still survived. the richest guy on the planet 20 years running is a better founded the company. with capable of great things. you think those days are gone? >> we will just need to innovate better. they just came out where they had to take a huge right off because they couldn't sell enough of it. until that changes, this really think it's dead money. but they were dead back in early 2000 and one came out with a new -- actually three great products that changed that. they can change again and get better again, but they will have to come up with something great. neil: netflix. after winning an emy, taking >tois too volatile for my taste. back in 2001, we saw the stock
11:57 pm
plummet from $260 to 64. nfl 50%. unless you are staying on top of that stock, and you should stay the heck away. neil: at these levels, you have already witnessed the run-up. how much more run-up. would you say? >> i'm a genius, i sold mine at 190. but at this point in time i would wait for the earnings to come out. i think that the market will pull back some more. i would wait and if they are gangbusters and the stock acts office, you can look at it again. but no doubt thathis is a monster stock in this market. >> you ever wonder what these running up so far and so fast. whatever analogy you want to use. >> i think it depends on the type of investor that you are.
11:58 pm
i'm not one to day trade and i'm not going to be going back and forth. i think most americans are the same way. while you get all of this. >> i'm not really sure what we should do to stay on top of that. >> okay, so time for our test. our night test. the experts say that you go to sleep worrying about you and your money. this is something that they say everyone will be focused on when they wake up tomorrow. gary, for you it is banks and harmonica, it is stocks. >> i'm interested to see what is happening with our housing prices. since they we have seen the fed has disclosed that they're going to be tapering off with the quantitative easing and then they change their mind and now we are not sure when the timing of that will take place. but interest rates have gone up.
11:59 pm
there is a lot of speculation that that will start to really slow down. the gains that we saw in housing and i'm curious to see how did that materialize. are we seeing the drops? neil: and you are not very convinced? >> i'm not convinced that this will slow things down. it's one of the healthiest parts of the economy right now. it will help them start shopping and other facets of the economy. >> i am watching the big financials as well as the regional banks. they are not acting mayor, underperforming, and they are notorious. wh that occurs, the market will follow. watch them carefully in a better old supports and. neil: thank you guys. that is what we are here for.
12:00 am
here to help you out and get behind you. some people say that boxing is dead. the floyd mayweather disagrees. that david: the number one thing to watch tomorrow is the case-shiller index. liz: "money" is next. melissa: here's what is "money" tonight. how much are you willing to pay to keep the post office alive? emergency jump in the cost of rates could be imminent. the postmaster general joins us on what it will take to stamp out bankruptcy. plus hedge fund commercials and retail apps? would it make you more apt to invest? the first ever after an 80 year pan and. and a created mpaign he made for us to show us how to make it rain. and now they are laughing all the way to the bank, stay tu


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